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Those answers tell me more about my friends than about the other players. My friends are judging them rather than trying to understand them. When we think judgmentally, we reduce our ability to understand and manipulate others. Thinking that someone is “weak” or “strong” tells you almost nothing about how you should play against him. If you try to understand his skills, style, and way of thinking, it is much easier to adjust your strategy

Vicious and Virtuous Cycles

Losers have a vicious cycle. Whining, blaming bad luck, thinking judgmentally, and rejecting responsibility, harm their play and results, which upsets them, further damaging their results, which increases whining and so on.

Winners have a virtuous cycle. They accept the game and people as they are and their acceptance increases their edge. They essentially say, “I accept the responsibility to cope with reality, just as it is. If I play well and select my games carefully, I will win, perhaps not tonight or even this week, but ultimately I will certainly win.”



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